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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Super cute Christmas box!

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When: Wednesday December 30, 2009

Floral top: Panama
Green skirt: Old Navy
Black belt: Panama
Black pumps: Panama
Jewelry: Christmas Present from my parents and my sister :)
Purple purse: borrowed from my mom

Chinease breakfast with my girl friends, baked some goodies, and my Secret Santa party with my friends.

Today I had my Secret Santa party with my friends and I had the most wonderful time. It was lovely to spend time with my friends since I missed them so much being in the U.S. I especially loved going out to breakfast with my two best girl friends. There is something so magical about speaking with them since I know they get me and I get them perfectly.

At the Secret Santa event, my friends planned me a surprise and gave me "late" birthday presents since they werent able to be there with me in the U.S. I thought that was soooooo sweet of them, they always make me feel so special. One of the presents had the CUTEST Christmas box I have ever seen!!!
Dec 30 (11)
Dec 30 (12)
I loooove the spring floral feel of this outfit. It sorda reminds me of a field filled with wild flowers on a beautiful spring day. The colors all go together beautifully, especially the green with the purple purse! I was very happy in this outfit because I felt it was very "me". Do you ever wear outfits that you feel are perfect for you? as if its a "you outfit"?

Here is another outfit in which I wore green and a purpleish color together:
12 Dec 30 (2)

Bumblebee wind catcher

Dec 29 (1)
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Dec 29 (9)

When: Tuesday December 29, 2009

Patterned dress (used as skirt): Christmas present (Panama)
Red top: Panama
Beige jacket: Forever XXI
Black belt: Panama
Black pumps: Panama
Black Liz Claiborne purse: Present for X-mas (TJ Max)
Zipper flower headband: Panama

Where: Shopping with my mother and dinner with my boyfriend

I went shopping with my mom today! I was soooo fun! Its really one of our mother-daugther activities that I missed the most. Plus, the mall was still decorated with beautiful X-mas decorations:

Dec 29 (11)
Dec 29 (10)

Since I received lots of clothes and accesories for Christmas, its so fun to have all these new clothes to pick from to make my daily outfits. In this case I decided to wear this patterned dress as a skirt. Then I chose this red top to pick up the sorda redish details in the skirt's pattern. The black accessories serve as a way to pull it all together.

Here are other ways in which I've worn this grey jacket:
12 Dec 29 (3)12 Dec 29
12 Dec 29 (2)

Multi-colored necklace

Dec 28 (1)
Dec 28 (2)
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When: Monday December 28, 2009

Block dress: Christmas present (Panama)
Skinny Jeans: Guess
Off-White belt: Panama
Turquoise wedges: Panama
Beige Tommy Hilfiger purse: borrowed from my mom

Where: Finally cleaned my room and spent some time with the family at home

I really like this multi-colored necklace, but many times I don't know what to wear it with. So I was very happy when I realized that it woud look great with this block colored dress I got for Christmas. I actually paired it with jeans (yes, I wear pants sometimes) and then added these turquoise wedges I have had since forever. I really like how the outfit turned out, and it was really comfy too :)

Here are other ways in which I've worn these skinny jeans:
12 Dec 28 (4)12 Dec 28 (2)
12 Dec 2812 Dec 28 (3)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Outfit of the Week - Reader's Choice

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Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. New kitties!
2. Meet Maxi!
3. Super special X-mas shopping
4. Christmas Eve Gingerbread house
5. Merry Christmas Kitty!
6. Tennis Cutie
7. Don't compete with the neckline free polls

Last week's winner was....a tie!!!!! The two winners were:

Dec 18 (1)
"Christmas spirit"


Dec 19 (1)
"Blizzard time"

Thanks for all the votes!!

Don't compete with the neckline

Dec 27 (1)
Dec 27 (2)
Dec 27 (3)
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Dec 27 (5)
Dec 27 (6)
Dec 27 (7)

When: Sunday December 27, 2009


Aqua dress: Christmas present from my parents (Panama)

Navy tights: Panama

Off white belt: Panama

Beige wedges: Panama
Beige Tommy Hilfiger purse: Borrowed from my mom


Finally a day to rest at home and catch up on some of my sleeping needs.. jeje :)

Before I start talking about my outfit, I just HAVE to share these cute pictures of our new kitty, Maxi:
Dec 27 (8)
Dec 27 (9)

Ok, that shown, lets get on with the outfit talk.. jeje :)

Sometimes there are some items, like this beautiful aqua dress my parents gave me for Christmas, that have such an interesting neckline that there really shouldnt be anything else competing with it. Since the beauty of this dress was the straps and the neckline, I pulled my hair up so it was clearly visible and I also held back from adding a necklace. That way, there isnt anything else competing with the neckline's "spotlight".. jeje

I really wanted to wear this aqua dress today, but I didnt know what to pair it with. I just happened to try these leggins on and I really liked the two colors together! This may become a new favorite combo: navy & aqua! Have any onf you ever worn these two colors together?

Here are other outfits in which I've worn a somewhat similar color combo:

12 Dec 27 (3)12 Dec 27 (2)
12 Dec 2712 Dec 27 (4)