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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!




When: October 31, 2009

Orange dress: Panama (Orange because its Halloween of course!)
Jean Jacket: Panama
Mustard belt: Panama
Brown Boots: Payless Shoe Source
Brown Liz Claiborne Purse: TJ Max

Where: Inner Harbor with my boyfriend

Happy Halloween everyone!! This is one of my favorite holidays of the year! I looove getting dressed up in a costume and seeing others dress up as well. I used to LOVE going "trick-or-treat-ing" when I was a little girl and I wish I could still go today! jeje.

Today I had a wonderful day going to the Inner Harbor with my boyfriend... it was fun to see people in costumes walking around as if nothing were happening. The cutest one I have seen was a mother with her child and they were both dressed as pumkins. It was just too adorable!!

Later tonight I am getting into my costume and going out with my friends. Stay tuned to see what my costume was!

My Halloween Treats!!

They turned out so much better than I thought they would! I am so pleased!! Here are some photos of the process:


Artsy huh?

When I was a child, my mom used to bake treats all the time, thats where my fascination with baking came from. After she mixed and put the treats in the oven, she would always let me lick the bowl with the extra mix... jeje its a tradition I continue to do even today :)


Mmmmm, nothing like the smell of fresh cupcakes from the oven.


The first one I decided to make was a kitty (Miaaoouu... jaja sorry, I ate too much candy today so I am silly :) Anyway, this was really easy to make with some twizzlers, brown m&m's, candycorns, and vanilla frosting... I was very very pleased with these.



I also decided to make some spiders using the twizzlers. For the body I used a Hershey Kiss backwards and the head is a brown m&m. Those turned out pretty cool too:



Then some easy ones was to just add a Peeps marshmallow ghost, some sprinkles, and a pumpkin shaped candy... easy peasy and it looks great :)


My boyfriend thought that the kitties needed to be a little more spooky for halloween so he transformed one into a "monster" with three horns... jajajajja I thought that was funny


These are just some simple ones that I made with candycorns. They are super quick to make and they look a little more special than just ordinary muffins.


These would have looked better with white frosting, but anywhoo! My boyfriend had the good idea of using the twizzlers to write things on the cupcakes. So we decided on a Boo and a RIP... jeje


I also thought of a happy face... It makes me smile! (The candy corn is supposed to be hair BTW... jeje)


My boyfriend also designed an angry face.... pretty cool :)



This one didnt turn out too good, but I thought I would show it anyway... Its supposed to be an eye with red veins everywhere... It would have looked a lot better with red frosting or something, but I thought it was a cute idea anyway :)


After aalllll that mess, I finally finished! They turned out so cute!!! I am so so so so so happy with them. Do you all like them? which was your favorite?

Well, if you'll excuse me, these photos have made me hungry and there is a cupcake with my name on it:


Friday, October 30, 2009

Blowing dandelions...










When: October 30, 2009

Green & Blue patterned tunic: 5.7.9
Blue tights: JC Penny's
Black boots: Skechers (Panama)
Black belt: Gift from my mom! (Panama)
Black rocker purse: Panama

Where: A wonderful day of making halloween treats and a pre-halloween get together!

Today was such a WONDERFUL day! I spent most of the day making Halloween treats (post on that really soon) and they turned out better than I expected! I loooove making treats and desserts, I enjoyed it soooo much! Today was also a beautiful day! I enjoyed blowing dandelions while I made my wishes :)

Later at night, I went to a Halloween get together with Halloween punch and all! It was cool to see everyone in their costumes and discuss with were our favorites of the night. I will get dressed up tomorrow with my cool costume, stay tune to see what it is! To end this wonderful night, me and my friends are going to see a scary movie! Great way to begin Halloween weekend!

PS: Sorry for the late post :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Smores in the woods

Oct 29 (1)

Oct 29 (2)

Oct 29 (3)

Oct 29 (4)

Oct 29 (5)

Oct 29 (6)
This last one is one of my favorite picnic spots! The sunset comes in through the trees, its beautiful!

When: October 29, 2009

Purple patterned skirt: Panama
White tanktop: Panama
Purple flowy jacket: Forever XXI
Mustard belt: Panama
Corck strappy shoes: Panama
Mustard nine west purse: TJ Max

Where: College and a cool night of making smores!

Today was such a special day!! Me and my boyfriend went to a university event that provided smores in the woods! There is nothing like roasting some yummy marshmallows by a fire in the middle of the woods. The fire kept us warm and it was truly magical moment. I loooove smores!

In terms of my outfit, I decided to wear this pretty patterned skirt that I havent worn for a while. I really like how purple and mustard go together so I added the mustard accessories as a pop of color in the outfit. I also really like this cool necklace my mom gave me because it has a little bit of everything: shells, shiny balls, etc. Overall, it was a very magical day and I felt super happy like always :)

Why dont you...

Image 1:
Image 2:

Part of the reason why I'm such a happy person is because I have learned how to enjoy the simple things in life. I find happiness in the little details, in the things of everyday life that some people take for granted. For this reason, I will be posting an idea of something you can do or just a simple idea for you to try. Hopefully this will inspire you to find the little things in life that make you happy.

Now for today's "Why don't you":

Why don't you....
Take a walk in the park and enjoy watching all of the beautiful fall trees. There is something magical about walking on trails that are covered in leaves while you simply soak up the beauty of red, orange, and yellow trees. Go with your boyfriend, or by yourself for that matter! Get inspired by watching how the leaves dance in the wind and how the fall trees create a sea of beautiful fall colors.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The ethnic goddess





There were so many leaves on the floor today! You could barely see patches of grass under so many leaves, it was beautiful!


When: October 28, 2009

Red boho top: Panama
Jean skirt: Panama
Black tights: Target
Rain Boots:
Chandelier earrings: Gift from a friend
White Nine West purse: Panama
Multi-color scarf: Panama as well

Where: College and a walk with my boyfriend to enjoy the Fall leaves

I felt great today! Something about wearing this rich red top with the beautiful ethnic neck detail with extreeeeemly long chandelier earrings and multiple bracelets made me feel like an ethnic goddess today... jajaja weird, I know. Since the top already had a lot of neck detail, I restrained from wearing a necklace which would compete with it and decided to wear big earrings instead. They are probably the biggest earrings I have, but I think they are so beautiful.

Today was a surprisingly beautiful day. It was supposed to rain, but it barely drizzled in the morning and was sunny the rest of the day. I really enjoyed walking around the paths full of leaves holding my boyfriend's hand. Something about fall is simply magical, I love it.

My halloween treat supplies!



Here are the Halloween treat supplies I bought yesterday at the grocery store! I'm so excited to start making my Halloween treats and decorating them! Stay tuned to see what it is I make and how these special treats turn out!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

White flowers everywhere!

Oct 27 (1)

Oct 27 (2)

Oct 27 (3)

Oct 27 (4)

Oct 27 (5)

Oct 27 (6)

When: October 27, 2009

Blue halter dress: Panama
Purple tie-on jacket: Panama (B-Day present from my mom!)
White flower: Actually a hair accessory, and yes from Panama
Black tights: Target
Floral Rain boots:
White nine-west purse: TJ Max

Where: College and a special grocery shopping visit (more on that tomorrow!)

I decided to wear one of my new go-to combos: Purple & Blue. The combination of the two is subtle and calm, I really like it. I went with a white floral theme today! A big white flower hair accessory holding my jacket closed, white flowers on my boots, and a subtle white pattern on my headband (actually a scarf). As usual, I go for the girlie and cute look, it always seems to make me feel bright and happy.

Today is a cool rainy day, perfect to take a nap in... too bad I have way to many things to do! jejeje. Today I also went to the grocery store to buy some special Halloween supplies, I will post more on that tomorrow, so stay tuned!