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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Outfit of the week - Reader's Choice

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Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. Feeling like a leprechaun
2. Mamma mia!
3. A foggy night
4. Happy Thanksgiving!
5. My first black Friday!
6. Half in the sun and half in the shadow
7. Beetlejuice! free polls


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When: November 29, 2009

White Curacao t-shirt: Present from my parents when they went on a cruise :)
Stripped cardi: Forever XXI
Purple skirt: H&M
Black Nine West belt: TJ Max
Black tights: Target
Black booties: Payless Shoe Source
Olive green Nine West purse: TJ Max
Jewelry: Panama

Where: Did a whole lot of Christmas present shopping online today! yai!

I'm loving my beetlejuice inspired cardigan! jejeje, well, at least I think it looks sorda like beetlejuice. I specially love the fact that its soft and has a unique shape. I decided to pair it with this cool t-shirt my parents gave me from a cruise they went on. I always feel special when I wear it because I know they thought of me when they bought it. To add some color, I decided on the purple waist skirt and the olive green purse. I have always liked how these two colors look together for some reason.

Here are other ways in which I've worn this skirt:

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Half in the sun and half in the shadow

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When: November 28, 2009

Floral dress: Panama
Grey blazer: Forever XXI
White knit scarf: Present from my brother (Europe)
Black tights: Target
Green shoes: Panama
White Nine West purse: TJ Max
Black floral brooch: Forever XXI
Black hat: Target

Where: Making outfits all day and enjoying left-over pumpkin pie! yum!

I am slowly and reluctantly letting go of my summer dresses for this winter... jeje, I like them so much! Here I tried to make it a little more appropiate for fall by adding the blazer, the chunky knit scarf, and the hat. I love the pop of color from the green shoes, I really should wear these more often. And the floral brooch is just a feminine chic detail. I was pretty happy with my ensamble, even if it wasnt completely fall appropiate. Who cares, it makes me happy :)

I really didnt know where to take my photos today. Some places were too sunny, and others were in the shadows. So I conformed to a half sunny and half shadow spot.. jeje, get the best of both worlds.

Outfit of the week - My choice

This week's outfit of the week goes to... Lauren!!! I love this outfit for one main reason: Its bold! The red tights look spectacular with that dress, and I love the long necklace with the brown belt. Lauren always has a great sense of style, you should go check her out at her blog: This Little Piggie. Congrats Lauren!

Look 10 Award!

Nov 28 - Look 10

I've been awarded a Look 10 award!! Wao, I'm so honored!! Thank you so much! Isnt the award cool!! I think so! If you would like to see the Look 10 webpage were they gave me this award, just clic here. Thanks again!!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shopping goodies sneak peek!

Nov 27 (9)

Here is a sneak peek of all the wonderful goodies I got myself in my first black Friday shopping spree! I had such a wonderful time, and I really like all the things I got. How did your shopping go?

Here is what I look like after a day of shopping:

Nov 27 (8)

jajajaja, I couldnt contain my joy of shopping!! weeeee, I'm so silly sometimes :)

My first Black Friday!

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When: November 27, 2009

Purple dress: Panama
White knit jacket: PacSun
Floral scarf: JC Penny's
Brown tights: Target
Brown leggins: Panama
Orange Liz Claiborne purse: Present from my mom

Where: My first black Friday shopping!!

Today was my first black Friday shopping ever and I had a blast!! I didn't get there at 5 in the morning like many did, but that's just fine since I wasn't looking for electronics or things like that. I had the most wonderful time, and it actually wasn't as full as I had expected. I got all sorts of goodies for myself and my family (more on that in the next post!).

Since I would be walking all day, I decided to wear something extremely comfy... so this is what I came up with. The soft knit jacket kept me warm and the flat boots were comfy to walk in. I really like the color scheme of this outfit, purple and orange look very good together in my opinion. And the scarf really pulls everything together nicely. I hope you all had a wonderful black Friday shopping day!

Here are the other ways in which I've worn this dress:

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Why don't you...
Why don't you...
Spend more time with your family. Many people love Thanksgiving holiday's because it is a time were the entire family gets together and catches up. But why should Thanksgiving be the only day of the year in which you put an effort in to seeing your family? We should all take the time to plan a couple more days in the year in which we visit our families and spend some quality time together. Just a simple weekend visit, or a Sunday morning breakfast together is all it takes for your family to know that you care. Plus, who doesn't love making their parents and family happy just with one's presence? At least I love it!

So go ahead, make a set of special days in the year in which you visit your family. It doesn't take too much effort really and seeing the smile on their faces is worth all the efforts.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! (Activities)

This is the finishing result of all our hard work. We had bread with tomato and cheese, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, crisp toasted bread with butter, and zucchini. For dessert, I bought a pumpkin pie and I baked......

Thanksgiving - Nov 24 (2)

....some pilgrim hat cookies!! Yes, I know they don't look that pretty, but they sure were tasty! They were really simple to make to:

Thanksgiving - Nov 24 (3)

I started by making my regular chocolate chip cookies. Then I melted some chocolate chips and covered the top of the cookies. And then I covered marshmallows as well and put those on top of the cookies... it was a very slimy process let me tell you, jejeje. But it was fun!

Thanksgiving - Nov 24 (4)

Then I added the yellow frosting to resemble the "buckle" of the pilgrim hats.

Thanksgiving - Nov 24 (5)
And voila! You have delicious pilgrim hats! They look sorda sticky, but they really aren't. They are super tasty too because they are like mini smores with the cookie, chocolate, and marshmallow! And who doesn't love smores?!?!

After that, I decided to create a Thank-U tree! Here, me and my boyfriend would write the things we are most thankful for and then attach them to a tree... Take a look at how we did it:

Thanksgiving - Nov 24 (6)

I thought different colored fall-shaped leaves would be pretty and very appropriate. I just printed and cut them out, it was very easy.

Thanksgiving - Nov 24 (7)

I know this has nothing to do with my "story", but isn't the bracelet my mom got me so cool?! I'm loving it! Ok, going back to the story...

Thanksgiving - Nov 24 (12)

After writing everything we were thankful for, we attached it to a fake tree in my apartment. I think it looks soooooo cute! I love the colors and the shapes! But most of all, I love the fact that every time we look at this tree, we will remember all the things we are grateful for. And really, that's what Thanksgiving is all about, being grateful for all the wonderful things in your lives.
Thanksgiving - Nov 24 (11)

Happy Thanksgiving! (Outfit)

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When: November 26, 2009

Block color dress: Panama
Navy blazer: Forever XXI
Brown belt: Panama
Brown tights: Target
Plaid shoes: Walmart
Brown Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max
Jewelry: Presents from my parents :)

A wonderful Thanksgiving dinner full of treats and laughs.

Today was one of those perfect days were everything is just right. Starting with my outfit, I just LOVE it! Its one of those outfits that you just feel like you nailed it! I dunno, I just felt it was very appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner because of the colors and all that. And every time I wear these shoes I am so happy, so the outfit for me was perfect today :)

This is the first Thanksgiving dinner I spent away from home, so I really missed my family today. Me and my boyfriend decided to "try" to make a special thanksgiving dinner, although we have no experience at all. Luckily, everything turned out perfect!! We had such a blast working together to make the dinner and the dessert. We even made a Thank-U tree!! More photos on that later. I hope u all had a wonderful day!

Here are other ways in which I have worn this dress:

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