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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rocking the rain

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March 30 (3)
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March 30 (7)

When: Tuesday March 30, 2010

Floral dress: ? (Panama)
Blue motorcycle jacket: Forever XXI
Black belt: El Costo (Panama)
Black tights: Target
Black boots: Skechers
Green purse: ? (Panama)

Where: a walk in rain... jeje, better yet, I tried to walk in the rain :)

Today it started to rain cat & dogs out of nowhere! Plus it was windy and cold, so I had a hard time getting decent pics. I love walking in the rain, but today the mix of water and wind was not helping me... jeje, it was really funny actually because my umbrella escaped my hands and flew off. So I went running after it laughing as my boyfriend also laughed. It was just a silly moment, but it was fun! Here is a pic of me with a I-have-rain-in-my-eyes type of face:
March 30 (8)
jeje, anyway, I was very very happy with my somewhat rocker chic look today! I'm happy to have tried a new hairstyle, I think it adds a lot to the outfit! Oh, also, look at the pretty signature my mom made for me!
March 30 (9)
Isn't it cute?! The colors actually combine with my outfit (green and blue), what a coincidence! Do any of you like walking in the rain? or do you like the rain in general?

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03 March 30

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guiding students

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March 29 (8)

When: Monday March 29, 2010

White skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Coral top: ? (Panama)
Navy blazer: Forever XXI
Brown tights: Target
Brown boots: Payless Shoe Source
Floral purse: Forever XXI
Gold heart necklace: Forever XXI

Where: Guiding Panamanian students that were visiting our university... I felt so old and wise! jeje

Today I was asked to guide some Panamanian students that are visiting campus to decide if they want to study here or not. I actually sorda enjoyed answering their questions and letting them know how fun it is here... I felt so old and wise! I decided to wear a fresh and colorful outfit to meet them so that I would look approachable. I am very happy with how it turned out! In fact, I got a whole lot of compliments today :)
March 29 (5)
PS: I know I have worn this white headband too many times in the last couple of days; but I can't help it! It goes with everything! jeje :)

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03 March 29

Outfit of the week - Reader's Choice

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March 24 (10)March 25 (10)
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March 28 (9)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. When I think of Preppy, I think of stripes
2. As easy as pie
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4. Up up and away!
5. Twilight Marathon
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Last week's outfit of the week was....
March 16 (1)
"Two oceans, one country"

Thanks for all the votes and support during my Panama week challenge!

My way of wearing black

March 28 (1)
March 28 (2)
March 28 (8)
March 28 (4)
March 28 (5)
March 28 (6)
March 28 (7)

When: Sunday March 28, 2010

Black Sweater dress: Present from my brother (Europe)
Plaid top: ? (Panama)
Blue tights: JC Penny's
Black boots: Skechers
Black & white purse: Forever XXI
White belt: Present from my parents

Where: Grocery shopping with my boyfriend.

As you have all probably noticed by now, I love wearing color! I love making different color combos and wearing bright outfits mixed with neutrals. For this reason, it is a true challenge for me to wear dominant black items such as black dresses and black skirts.
March 28 (3)
In order to make it more "me", I always try to add some color and some fun patterns! So for today I added the colorful plaid top and the bright colored tights! It's simply my way of wearing black.

How do you wear black dresses? Any ideas you would like to share?

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03 March 28

Monday, March 29, 2010

Outfit of the week - My Choice

Outfit of the week - District of Chic
This week's outfit of the week goes to E Maille from District of Chic! Here she is living proof that an all-black outfit can look very interesting and chic! I love how she mixed different textures and patterns in order to create interest. I also love the little details like the bow on the jacket and the sparkly skirt! Overall, beautiful outfit! Good job!

Feeling the love for Philadelphia

March 27 (1)
March 27 (2)
March 27 (3)
March 27 (4)
March 27 (5)
March 27 (6)
March 27 (7)

When: Saturday March 27, 2010

Roses dress: Forever XXI
Red tights: El Costo (Panama)
Grey knit jacket: Present from my brother (Europe)
Black belt: Christmas present from my parents
Black boots: Skechers
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max

Where: A day trip to Philadelphia! It was absolutely wonderful!

Today my boyfriend and I went on a field trip to Philadelphia! We had the most wonderful time! The city is so beautiful and peaceful. We first went to a really cool museum. Then we saw a beautiful fountain in the middle of the city:
March 27 (8)
March 27 (9)
I was surprised to see that Philadelphia had such beautiful buildings throughout the city. It was so much fun to just walk around and absorb how beautiful it was.
March 27 (12)
March 27 (11)
Philadelphia also has some neat artsy monuments throughout the city. It's interesting to watch them and try to understand what they were.
March 27 (13)-2
There were also some pretty flowers :)
March 27 (15)
March 27 (14)
Oh, another thing that I thought was super original was that one area had a bunch of BIG board game items. So it had chess pieces, checker pieces, etc. It was pretty neat!
March 27 (16)-2
We also got to see some beautiful parks. The weather was lovely and I really enjoyed walking around holding my boyfriend's hand :)
March 27 (18)
March 27 (17)
We even got to eat a Philadelphia cheese steak sandwich! (Even if it was just from Quiznos... jeje)
March 27 (20)
The trip was actually organized to see the "Love Park". The park was very pretty, but sadly the water fountain wasn't on at the time. Nevertheless, I fell in love with the city. It was such a wonderful day. Have any of you ever been to Philadelphia?
March 27 (21)-2

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03 March 27 (1)
03 March 27 (2)