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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gone for a week or so

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I probably won't be posting anything until later this week or maybe even next week. Last night I encountered a problem with my computer that automatically deleted all of my photos. In other words, I lost all of my photos from all of my adventures and have no way of getting them back. Needless to say, I am beyond sad because of this.

So, I really don't feel myself right now and don't think I can post happy posts in a couple of days. I hope you all understand. Thanks.



  1. Marie, I'm desperate to hear that. When a file is deleted, though, usually it is still there, only the first character of its name is changed into a tilde (~), which makes it unreadable for an operating system like Windows. As long as you have NOT written anything new on your hard drive, you may be able to restore most or all of your photos with a programme such as PC Inspector File Recovery (available free on the internet). Try to download that onto another drive than that where your photos were stored.

    If that fails you can still recover all the photos that you published on your blog, by simply downloading them back.

    Good luck in getting back your photos.

  2. That is really devestating! I know how awful it can be to lose files, especially if you need them for your blog! We will wait patiently for your next post, your outfits are always adorable!

    Save the second download to drive other than the one your photos were on (a thumb drive or external drive will work too), unzip it and run it (scanning the drive your photos were on) and it can recover your photos. The key is to do this asap, as even surfing the net can overwrite your files. Good luck! (My brother used this to recover my phone files after I accidentally deleted all of my photos!)

  4. Aww sorry to hear this happened; hopefully there is a way for you to recover those files! I remember I had to reformat my hard drive once and my PC was wiped clean. Now I try to remember to backup my files every now and then.

  5. I am so sorry to hear that all your photos were suddenly deleted. Fortunately, as my boyfriend tells me nothing is ever deleted from your computer unless the hard drive is wiped clean or destroyed. Maybe you could get your computer fixed to get your files recovered?

    Hope this helped! Good luck! :)

  6. Oh sweetie!!! I am so sorry to hear this! You know you can at least scrape small versions off of all your blog posts, right? I mean, hell yes that will be horribly time consuming, but it's better than having no photos at all.

    Also, maybe some brilliant tech nerd can help recover your computer's memory. I know of some uber nerds that do deep computer memory recovery. Their services are super high dollar, but knowing they exist, maybe there's hope that some aspiring nerd out there can do it for less.

    Disclaimer: I am not capable of using the word nerd pejoratively. I LOVE NERDS.

  7. That is so sad! Hope you can find a way to recover the photos. Even if not, at least there are still copies of them in your blog and your flickr account. Good luck!

  8. Oh NO! That is so awful. and sooo sad. I hope you can get things recovered.

    I'm going to go back up my hard drive right now! time machine has been yelling at me and i've been ignoring it, but I KNOW I really shouldn't.

  9. Ohhhh!!! So sorry to hear that.... hoping something can be done, what a horrible thing to deal w/, no wonder you're not feeling your usual sweet & happy self...

    take the time off that you need, we understand.. ((hug))

  10. Oh gosh! I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope there is some way to bring them back! :( ((hugs)))

  11. I am so sorry Marie! I know how horrible it is to lose files and especially pictures! I really wish I could do something about it! I'll gladly wait for your next post, you're outfits and cheery posts make my day!

  12. Also, I wonder, could you copy all of the pictures off of your blog and save them again, or will that not help?

  13. I am so sorry for the lost. I hope there is a way to save your photos from your blog. I will wait till you are ready to share your beautiful pictures again. Stay strong.


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