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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skirt + Wind = Disaster

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When: Wednesday November 30, 2011

White top: Saks (Panama)
Floral skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Brown belt: Madison (Panama)
Brown clutch: Via Vai (Panama)
Color block heels:
Swarovski heart necklace: Present from my dad

Work + Made some Beauty and the Beast inspired outfits for The Joy of Disney!

Today I had an incident involving my skirt and the uncontrollable wind.... (You can already imagine what I'm talking about). Let me start at the beginning... Every morning, there is a group of 4 construction men that sit at a building across the street and stare at me when I walk to my car. At first it was uncomfortable, but I got used to it after a while.
Nov 30 (8)

Today I walked to my car carrying a bunch of bags that I needed to take to work. I looked something like this:
Nov 30 (9)

And just in that moment (while all these guys stared at me), the wind decided to blow my skirt uncontrollably. Oh, and it wasn't sexy like this:

It was more like this:
Nov 30 (11)

I tried to stop it, but I had way too many things in my hands. I immediately hurried to the car and leaned against it to try to save myself (while all these men were laughing), but the wind was persistent.
Nov 30 (12)

I threw all my bags into the back seat and tried to regain control of my skirt to lean off the car and walk to the front seat of my car... however, it was impossible! (So frustrating).
Nov 30 (13)

So you know what I did (As the men still laughed at me)? I just jumped in the backseat of my car along with all the bags! Yes, that's right, I crawled my way all the way to the front seat (in a skirt I might add) and finally was ready to go.
Nov 30 (14)

Boy oh Boy, I was SOOOOO embarrassed. I wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. I was also annoyed at the men for staring and laughing. Anyway, what can I do right? These things happen... I bet those guys will be staring even more tomorrow... hip hip hurray (sarcastic)

Do you have any incidents like this?

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas shopping

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When: Tuesday November 29, 2011

Red skirt: ? (Panama)
Polka dot dress (used as top): From this seller on eBay
Black bow belt: From this seller on eBay
Black pumps: Birthday present from my friends
Black clutch: Birthday present from my parents

Work + Rested at home watching TV (Completely unproductive... but at least I rested!)

Today I finally sat down and started planning all the Christmas presents I will be giving out this year. I usually prefer planning this at least a month an a half in advance to make sure I can order things online early and/or buy things early. However, this year I am a little behind schedule (I know it's not even December yet, but I'm a neat freak like that... hehe)
Nov 29 (7)
Today I managed to order some presents online, so at least I feel that I am half way done with getting everyone presents. You see, I'm someone that likes to get very thoughtful gifts, so it takes me a long time to plan and decide what would be the best present. I still haven't finished (some people like my dad are SO hard to buy presents for), but I feel good that I have at least started!

Have you started planning your Christmas gifts for others?

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Outfit of the week - Reader's Choice

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Which is the best Outfit of the week?
1. Switching to clutches
2. Easier the second time around
3. I'm simply colorful
4. I missed Thanksgiving free polls

Last week's winner (by a HUGE margin) was...
Nov 19 (1)
Melts my heart

Thanks for being patient all of these days I have been missing! I appreciate it :)

I missed Thanksgiving

Nov 24 (1)
Nov 24 (2)
Nov 24 (3)
Nov 24 (4)
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Nov 24 (6)

When: Thursday November 24, 2011

Coral Kenneth Cole dress: Felix B. Maduro (Panama)
Orange cardi: Zara (Europe)
Brown belt: Forever 21 (U.S.A.)
Beige heels: Via Vai (Panama)
Brown clutch: Via Vai (Panama)
Watch: Swatch

Work + Enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with my family

I have been SO excited to spend this Thanksgiving with my family! As some of you know, I spent the last two years studying in the U.S. and was away from my family for Thanksgiving. Of course, my boyfriend and I improvised a Thanksgiving dinner and had a wonderful time; but I still missed my family and our usual traditions.
Nov 24 (7)
So, you can all image just how excited I was today to be reunited with my family for Thanksgiving for the first time in two years! We had all the usual (and a couple of new) delicious dishes and had a lovely time laughing and telling funny stories. Truly a wonderful Thanksgiving.

How did you all spend your Thanksgiving?

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11 Nov 24

My Choice of Outfit of the week -- Houndstooth

Outfit of the week  - Monochroma.chic
This week's Outfit of the Week goes to.... Kristy from Monochroma.chic!! Don't you just love how effortlessly chic Kristy looks in this outfit?! I have always found Houndstooth to be a classic and timeless pattern (especially in black and white). I love how she kept it simple with the black tights, shoes, and pop of red necklace. Good job Kristy!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm simply colorful

Nov 23 (1)
Nov 23 (5)
Nov 23 (3)
Nov 23 (4)
Nov 23 (2)

When: Wednesday November 23, 2011

Purple dress: Target (U.S.A.)
Plaid top: Target (U.S.A.)
Brown belt: Madison (Panama)
Beige pumps:
Beige clutch: Present from my boyfriend's family (From this designer)
Betsey Johnson monkey ring:
Amber earrings: Fire & Ice (U.S.A.)

Work + Looked through my closet and tried to make outfits with items I never wear :)

I'm sure most of you have already noticed that I enjoy wearing very colorful outfits. When I wear black and white outfits, I feel very classy and chic; but when I wear colorful outfits, I feel more "me". Something about the bright colors just seems so happy and fun!
Nov 23 (6)

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easier the second time around

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Nov 22 (3)
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Nov 22 (5)

When: Tuesday November 22, 2011

Grey top: Conway (Panama)
Plaid skirt: El Costo (Panama)
Black belt: Christmas present from my parents
Turquoise purse: ? (Panama)
Black pumps: Birthday present from my friends
Glasses: Madison (Panama)

Work + Made several outfits for my second blog, The Joy of Disney! (I'll post more tomorrow, stay tuned!) + Paid my boyfriend a quick visit just to say hi :)

Today is the second time I wear these geek chic glasses (See the first time HERE), and I felt a little more confident in them today. Even though I think wearing geeky glasses is a very chic trend, I sometimes feel a little silly since I don't really need glasses to see.
Nov 22 (6)
I usually don't care what others thing about me (and much less of my style), but every now and then I feel a little insecure. Today, however, I'm feeling much more confident wearing these glasses than the first time I wore them! I guess things get easier the second time around :)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
11 Nov 22