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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yearning for Fall

Red tights Red tights  

Monday September 24, 2012

Wanna guess one the things I miss the most from living in the U.S.? Autumn!! I miss those orange, red, and yellow leaves as well as the cool breeze in the morning. Panama's weather is very tropical, so it is either summer or the rainy season. However, that doesn't stop me from wearing tights every now and then!

Red tights Red tights Red tights Red tights
These burgundy tights are definitely a closet staple for me. I've worn them so so soooo many times, and I continuously find new ways to wear them. I like all colored tights really, but these red ones are my all time favorites ;)

Red tights  

Do you wear colored tights? What color?

Red tights Red tights  
{Dress: Used to be my sister's (Similar here!) ;  Tights: (Find them here!)  ;  Heels: Lela Rose for Payless  ;  Clutch: (Find it here!)  ;  Umbrella: Madison (Panama)}

Here are some of the many ways I've worn these burgundy tights:

  Burgundy tights Remix Burgundy tights Remix

Friday, September 28, 2012

Outfit of the week - Reader's Choice

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Thanks for being so understanding and supportive everyone!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekend at Bijao Beach Resort

Bijao Beach Bijao Beach  

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 of September, 2012

I spent this past weekend in a relaxing resort at a nearby Panamanian beach called Bijao. It was such a treat to get out of the city and get away from it all. The view from my hotel room was just spectacular:

Bijao Beach Bijao Beach Bijao Beach  

Talk about paradise huh? It really was a beautiful resort... they even had girls wearing Polleras, which is Panama's national dress... isn't it puuuurrrrddyyy?

Bijao Beach Bijao Beach
As I've mentioned before, my boyfriend and his family are quite the Porsche fanatics; so they are members of the local Porsche club (of course). This weekend, we went to this beach resort along with other members of the Porsche Club, so there was some pretty cool cars, like this Carrera GT!

Bijao Beach  

We spent most of the weekend stuffing our faces with yummy food and walking around soaking up the beautiful scenery. It was lovely to feel the cool breeze on a hot summer day.

Bijao Beach Bijao BeachBijao Beach Bijao Beach 

I wish more weekends were like this one! It feels great to do something different and enjoy some of the many beautiful places that Panama has to offer. I really should go on adventures more often, I know Mini-Gorilon enjoyed it ;)

  Bijao Beach Bijao Beach

Me and my silly friends

Blue dress Blue dress 

Friday September 21, 2012

Today was one of my friend's college graduation, so we all got together to celebrate! I decided to dress a little fancier for the occasion, so I went with this butterfly dress (I call it a butterfly dress because the print reminds me so much of butterflies!) with my new clutch. I love all the blue in this outfit!... it is my favorite color after all ;)

Blue dress Blue dress Blue dress  

I always have a BLAST with my friends. We are such a unique group, where everyone is comfortable enough to be themselves and joke around.

Graduation Party Graduation Party  

You thought I was silly?! I wish you could meet my friends! That's why it is so much fun spending time together, because we just can't stop laughing at all the funny faces we make and the silly jokes.

Graduation Party Graduation Party  

It was truly a wonderful night. A big hug to all my friends who have supported me and been silly with me for many many years ;)

Graduation Party Blue dress  
{Dress: Dorians (Panama)  ;  Heels: Christian Siriano for Payless  ;  Clutch:}

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tulle skirts and little girl dreams

Tulle Skirt Tulle Skirt  

Thursday September 20, 2012

Every time I wear this tulle skirt, I feel like a ballerina/princess from a fairytale. I remember when I was a little girl, I used to truly believe that dreams come true and that life is like a fairytale. 

Tulle Skirt Tulle Skirt  

Of course everyone said I was too naive, and as I grew up I realized that the world is not as simple as it once seemed. But you know what? I also realized that I was right, that dreams DO come true. 

Tulle Skirt  

I might sound corny and naive to all of you, but many times I feel that my life is a fairytale. I have such a supportive family behind me, great friends who care for me, and the most loving and perfect boyfriend. He is by far better than any prince charming from any fairytale. 

What more could a girl ask for right?! Of course my life isn't perfect and I have bumps in the road, but that doesn't mean I'm not happy and living my dreams. 

Yup, definitely living a fairytale... I was right all along when I was a little girl ;)

Tulle Skirt  
{Skirt:  ;  Jean top: Jonathan Z. (Panama)  ;  Belt:  ;  Heels: Via Vai (Panama)  ;  Clutch: Present from my boyfriend's family (From this designer!)}

BTW, I'm submitting this outfit for the IFB Denim roundup! Check it out here!

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this tulle skirt:
  Tulle Skirt