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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY: Bloody Nails Tutorial

Halloween Bloody Nails DIY  

Here is an easy Halloween DIY Nail tutorial: Bloody Nails! How creepy are these bloody nails?! VERY spooky if you ask me; but perfect for Halloween!

To get these bloody nails, you just need to follow 5 easy steps:

  1. Paint nails white
  2. Get a straw (regular straight ones, not the ones that have a twisty) and dab generous amounts of red nail polish in the inside of the tube.
  3. Position the straw over your nail and then blow to splatter the paint.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on each nail (it gets messy!)
  5. Use nail polish remover and a q-tip (or a stick with cotton) to clean up the excess.

All done!! 
Now you are ready and set for a spook-tacular Halloween!

  Halloween Bloody Nails DIY

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebrating our 4.5 year Anniversary!

Menswear Inspired Outfit Menswear Inspired Outfit Menswear Inspired Outfit  

Saturday August 4, 2012

I just realized a couple of weeks ago that I totally forgot to post these pretty photos that we took back in August!

Menswear Inspired Outfit Menswear Inspired Outfit Menswear Inspired Outfit  

This is what I wore to celebrate my boyfriend and I's 4.5 year Anniversary! We decided to celebrate by having dinner at a gourmet restaurant in Casco Viejo (a historic area of Panama).

Menswear Inspired Outfit Menswear Inspired Outfit  

I always enjoy walking the streets of Casco Viejo, especially holding the hand of my boyfriend who has been with me for so long now. I am overjoyed at how perfect we are for each other. Love you so much Alejo!

Menswear Inspired Outfit Menswear Inspired Outfit  

Cheers to another 4.5 years together ;) 

  Anniversary Dinner Menswear Inspired Outfit 

{Collar shirt: Conway (Panama) ; Woodstock top: ; Shorts: ? ; Heels: Payless Shoe Source ; Purse: Borrowed from my mom ; Hat: Conway (SOOOOO old)}

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lately on Instagram...

Instagram (1)Instagram (2)  
1. and 2. In costume for the McGrath Halloween bash!

Instagram (3)Instagram (4)  
3. Halloween Pumpkins -- 4. Lost electricity one night

Instagram (5)Instagram (6)  
5. New wallet from Modcloth (Find it here!) -- 6. Sammy in a basket? Adorable! 

Instagram (7)Instagram (8)  
7. and 8. Packing for our Orlando trip!

Instagram (9)Instagram (10)  
9. and 10. Delicious breakfast at a French bakery

Instagram (11)Instagram (12)  
 11. Good night Mini-Gorilon -- 12. Mid-afternoon snack... Yum!

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Hope you are all having a great week!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Disneyworld, here I come!


Just a quick announcement to say that we are now on our way to Orlando!! YAI!! I'm so excited to go to Disneyworld and all the other parks :)

I've packed some pretty special outfits for this trip; most of them are costume-inspired... hehe.


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PS: I've prepared some posts in anticipation to this trip so there will be new material published while I'm gone. So don't forget to come back!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy 3 year Blogiversary!

Balloons and Colorful Fashion Balloons and Colorful Fashion  

Wednesday October 24, 2012

Today is my blog's three year Blogiversary! YAAAII!!

Three years ago, I created this blog on a whim just to stay in contact with my parents while I was living in the U.S. getting my undergraduate degree (See my very first post HERE! and my first outfit post HERE!). I never dreamed that my blog would become what it is today! 

Balloons and Colorful Fashion Balloons and Colorful Fashion Balloons and Colorful Fashion  

So many wonderful things have happened to me thanks to my blog. I've had the privilege of being featured on the websites of Glamour Magazine as well as Lucky Magazine. I also had my dream come true by being featured in Cosmopolitan for Latinas' Magazine

More than the features, what I've enjoyed the most out of these past three years is having a place to be myself and share my passion for fashion and life. The Joy of Fashion has given me the opportunity to share my positive attitude that hopefully has helped others find joy in their own lives. 

Balloons and Colorful Fashion Balloons and Colorful Fashion  

I want to thank each and every one of your for visiting my blog, commenting, writing emails, etc. You have all been so supportive! You keep me motivated to continue pursuing my dreams.

Balloons and Colorful Fashion

I'm so so very happy right now. I feel like I am following my dreams, just like I wanted when I was a little girl. I'm doing what I love, and this brings me tremendous joy. Thank you so much everyone!

  Balloons and Colorful Fashion Balloons and Colorful Fashion

{Skirt: (old)  ;  Shirt: (Still available here!)  ;  Heels: Lela Rose for Payless (old)}

DIY Halloween Costume: Medusa

DIY Easy Costume: Medusa DIY Easy Costume: Medusa  

Making this costume at home?! Be sure to share with your friends on Instagram using the hashtag #TheJoyOfFashionCostumes , I'd love to see it!

Vas a hacer este disfraz en casa? AsegĂșrate de compartirlo con tus amigos en Instagram usando el hashtag #TheJoyOfFashionCostumes , me encantarĂ­a verlo!


Here is the fourth and last DIY Halloween costume idea I will be posting this year! Scratch that, I will also be posting photos of my REAL costume, but you will have to wait until next week to see it ;).

Anyways, back to this costume: The Evil Medusa!! I have to say, out of all the costumes I've posted this year, this is by far my favorite!

DIY Easy Costume: Medusa DIY Easy Costume: Medusa 

You will need a white or beige dress for this costume. If possible, try to use a dress that is flowy (invented word!) and soft (think Greek Goddess). You will also need metallic sandals, like these gladiator wedges I am wearing.

DIY Easy Costume: Medusa DIY Easy Costume: Medusa

I would recommend wearing gold accessories with this costume in order to get that "Greek goddess" feel. If you have two cuff bracelets, that is even better! And if you want to go ALL out, try buying a snake ring, necklace, earrings, or whatever; that is very Medusa-ish (invented word!)

DIY Easy Costume: Medusa  

The hair is by far the most important part of this costume. You will need bobby pins and rubber snakes (which you can find in craft stores or Walmart/Target) to do this hairstyle. Here is how to get this look:
  1. Make several braids all over your head (I made about 8-10 braids). 
  2. Use bobby pins to pin them all over your head. Don't worry if it looks kind of messy, that is the point! You want the braids to have that snake appeal. 
  3. Then use bobby pins to pin the rubber snakes all over your head! The more, the merrier ;)
  4. DIY Easy Costume: Medusa
To finish this costume off, I decided to wear bold purple eyemakeup. I first dabbed lilac colored eye shadow all over my eyelid, and then I outlined my eye with a purple eyeliner. I made sure to make the outline of my eye very thick and with a flick on the outer corner of my eye. I love how it looks!

DIY Easy Costume: Medusa  

There you have it folks! Now go forth and turn people to stone with just one stare!

DIY Easy Costume: Medusa  

Hope you are all enjoying the Halloween specials on my blog! There are still a couple more to come ;)

DIY Easy Costume: Medusa

{Dress: c/o (old)  (Similar here!);  Kenneth Cole shoes: BBB (Panama) (Similar here!) ;  Cuff bracelets: (Similar here!)}