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Thursday, December 5, 2013

{Outfit}: Guess "Sexy Without Question" Event

Guess Jeans Panama Event 

  Thursday November 21, 2013

Hello everyone!! I'm so sorry it took me so long to post about this, but here are the photos of the Guess event I co-hosted a couple of weeks ago!! As I mentioned before, I was one of the 5 lucky fashionistas chosen to represent Panama for Guess's new "Sexy Without Question" Campaign (Yippie!). The other 4 lucky girls were Anyoli Abrego and Carolina Dementiev, former Miss Panama winners, Massiel Mas, a renowned Panamanian TV presenter, and Debbie Kuzniecky, a fellow fashion blogger.

En Español - Hola a todos! Lo siento mucho haber tardado tanto en escribir sobre esto, pero aquí están las fotos del evento de Guess al que fui co-host hace un par de semanas! Como mencioné antes, soy una de los 5 afortunadas fashionistas elegidas para representar a Panamá en la nueva campaña de Guess llamado "Sexy Sin Lugar a Dudas". Las otras 4 chicas afortunadas fueron Anyoli Abrego y Carolina Dementiev, ganadores de Miss Panamá, Massiel Mas, una reconocida presentadora de televisión, y Debbie Kuzniecky, una compañera blogger de moda.

Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event

The event was absolutely amazing! There were yummy appetizers, champagne, and cool music by DJ Sara Castro. I had an amazing time doing interviews for several TV shows as well as taking photos for local magazines and newspapers. It was a surreal experience to receive so much attention, almost like a celebrity! (hahaha, not really).

El evento fue maravilloso! Hubo deliciosos aperitivos, champaña, y buena música por DJ Sara Castro. La pasé increíble siendo entrevistada para varios programas de televisión, así como tomando fotos para revistas y periódicos locales. Fue una experiencia inolvidable, me sentí casi como una celebridad! (jajaja, no realmente).

Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event

At one point of the night, each of the 5 Guess girls (myself included) had to say a couple of words about our opinion on the new campaign. I have always admired the way that Guess offers a great variety of pieces to fit each woman's personality, but still always maintaining that sexy vibe that Guess is famous for. I was SO nervous to talk in front of so many cameras, but I think I did an ok job ;)

En un momento de la noche, cada una de las 5 chicas Guess (incluyéndome a mí) tenía que decir unas palabras acerca de nuestra opinión de la nueva campaña. Siempre he admirado la forma en que Guess ofrece una gran variedad de piezas para encajar la personalidad de cada mujer, pero aún así siempre manteniendo ese toque sexy que distingue a la marca. Yo estaba tan nerviosa de hablar frente a tantas cámaras, pero creo que hice un buen trabajo ;)

Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event

After our short speeches, they presented the videos we filmed for the new campaign. I was very excited to see people's reactions to my somewhat silly video, and was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone loved it! Yippie!

Después de nuestros discursos, presentaron los videos que filmamos para la nueva campaña. Yo estaba muy emocionada de ver las reacciones de la gente a mi video, y me sorprendió ver que a todo el mundo le encantó! Weeee!

Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event

My friends surprised me by appearing at the event to support me... I mean seriously, my friends are awesome. I had a blast spending the rest of the night cracking jokes with my friends and sipping on champagne.

Mis amigos me sorprendieron apareciendo al evento para apoyarme... En serio, mis amigos son lo máximo!! La pasé demasiado bien haciendo tonterías con mis amigos y tomando champaña el resto de la noche. 

Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event

I want to thank Guess from the bottom of my heart for choosing me for this wonderful opportunity. I felt so special to see my video on the screens throughout the night as well as my photo appearing in several newspapers. You can see the rest of the photos of this event on my Facebook page. Thank you so much!

Quiero agradecer a Guess desde el fondo de mi corazón por elegirme para esta maravillosa oportunidad. Me sentí tan especial al ver mi video en las pantallas de la tienda durante toda la noche, así como también me sentí especial al ver mi foto aparecer en varios periódicos. Pueden ver el resto de las fotos de esta noche en mi página de Facebook. Muchas gracias!

Guess Jeans Panama Event Guess Jeans Panama Event

{Everything from today's outfit is from the Guess Store in Mall Multiplaza Pacific}
{Todo lo que tengo puesto en el día de hoy es de la tienda de Guess en Mall Multiplaza Pacific}

Photos by:/Fotos por: Valeria F.L. Photography, Diana Ferrabone, and MC Mercadeo y Comunicaciones.



  1. Seems like a fun evening ! I see Sara Dj'd.

  2. Thanks Lorena, it was! hahaha good eye, Sara did an amazing job!

  3. Looks like such a fun event! And so many cameras! You did well, I would have been to scared to smile with all of those cameras, haha!

    Away From The Blue

  4. Hahaha thanks Mica!!! Well, I was definitely scared all right, but thanks for saying you thought I did well ;)

  5. First, you look SMOKING HOT in that red dress. You hair has grown a lot, too. Hot damn, girl. :P Second, your video was adorable to the max. Third, congratulations on such a fantastic experience! That's so amazing that Guess wanted you as one of their five and that you got to do all of this. :)

  6. Waaaaaooo!!! Thank you SO much Sarah!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate all of your kind words!!! Yai!

  7. Lovely Dress! Red really suits you.

  8. Yaaaaaaii!!! Thank you Ester!!! I really appreciate it!!

  9. Umm, you're a star! How awesome that you got to be a part of this. You look gorgeous, the final video was soooo cool to watch! I'm excited for you, Marie!

    perfectly Priya


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