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Saturday, February 8, 2014

{Vday}: Valentine's Day Wishlist

1. Dress/Vestido  --  2. Necklace/Collar  --  3. Umbrella/Paraguas  --  4. Wallet  --  5. Necklace/Collar  --  6. Shoes/Zapatos  --  iPhone cover 1 --  8. Book/Libro  --  9. Bracelet/Pulsera  --  10. Notepad

Hi guys! Here is a list of some of my favorite Valentine's day themed items. Hope you all enjoy them :)

-- Hola a todos!! Aquí les dejo con una lista de mis artículos favoritos de San Valentín. Espero que les guste :)



  1. Love love love all of these items! You've got such good taste, Marie! ;) I especially LOVE the red dress, it's absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect for a Valentine's Day date! <3 xx

  2. Thank you Jody!!!!!! I love cutesty items like these!!! What are you planning on wearing for valentine's day?

  3. lovely selection

  4. that red dress is perfection <3

    Alexa <3

  5. the red dress.... sooo dreamy!

    Nice post hun:)


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